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Caidr is a digital healthcare app focused on self-care treatment and advice helping you to feel better already.


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 What is Caidr?

Caidr® is an innovative digital healthcare app which helps users assess common medical ailments. From ear infections to colds and flu, Caidr® helps people distinguish minor ailments from more serious conditions, for which referral to a doctor or healthcare practitioner would be needed.


Check your symptoms

Caidr® allows you to quickly check your symptoms: simply answer a series of questions and receive an assessment.

Depending on your assessment result, you can connect with the nearest doctor, download a work Fit Note, and buy products from local and online pharmacies.


Verified results

Caidr® produces its assessments using algorithms based on thousands of hours of pharmacy experience. 

Using this app provides you with information from a reputable online resource developed by leading healthcare professionals in the UK. 


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Quick, trustworthy assessment of common ailments

Bite-sized healthcare advice & information

Convenient 'in your pocket' assistance


Soon to be available worldwide & in multiple languages (coming soon)

Other great features


Get test for allergy or food intolerance

Simple symptom checker

Discount on test when purchasing via Caidr app


Travel information at your fingertips

List of necessary vaccinations

Medical advice

Local environment and potential health risks

Find your local Travel clinic


Work Fit Note

Feeling unwell and need to take time off work? check your symptoms and download Fit Note to give it to your employer.

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