Caidr® is an innovative digital healthcare app which helps users assess common medical ailments. From ear infections to colds and flu, Caidr® helps people distinguish minor ailments from more serious illnesses, for which referral to a doctor or healthcare practitioner would be needed.

Sample assessment for eye symptoms. 


+ Quick, trustworthy assessment of common ailments 

+ Bite-sized healthcare advice & information

+ Convenient 'in your pocket' assistance

+ Confidential 

+ Available worldwide & in multiple languages (coming soon)


+ Users to respond to a series of questions related to their symptoms. 

+ Caidr® produces an assessment using algorithms based on thousands of hours of pharmacy experience. 

+  Caidr® gives advice based on the answers selected including, self-care, visiting a pharmacist, and a referral to a doctor. 

+  Medication review feature (below) coming soon. 


"Caidr® offers me home advice and saves me waiting at the doctor, when I could simply visit the pharmacist"

— Happy Caidr® customer