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About Caidr®

Caidr® is a digital healthcare app providing information on common medical ailments at your fingertips. 

Using this app provides you with information from a reputable online resource developed by leading healthcare professionals in the UK.

How Caidr® Works

Caidr® provides information about medical ailments in the form of a user-friendly smartphone app by asking you to respond to a series of questions, then producing information and suggestions based on the answers selected.

Caidr’s backbone is its cutting-edge, patent-pending software algorithms. These enable the app to provide information on minor ailments, alongside suggestions around self-care and advice on referral to a pharmacist, optician or doctor when necessary. 



To provide self-help healthcare advice at everyone’s fingertips.

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A future where illness is prevented rather than cured...



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Health Practice

Passion for health is in our DNA.

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Ethical Practice

We prioritise what is best for our users.

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We provide novel solutions, empowering our users to manage their own health.


How we work


We respect every individual, organisation and environment we work with.


We take strategic yet bold risks to see rewards.


We have a policy of open and honest dialogue.


We believe that personal accountability ultimately helps everybody.

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