What does Caidr do?

Caidr provides easy ‘in your pocket’ assistance andto help provide you further information on common medical ailments. With a few simple questions, Caidr helps you to understand your symptoms, gives guidance on whether referral to a doctor or healthcare practitioner is needed, and most importantly, advises you you on some tips on how to get better.

How does Caidr work?

Caidr produces an assessment using algorithms based on thousands of hours of pharmacy experience. By asking you a few easy-to-follow questions, Caidr produces a bite-sized assessment, providing further information about your symptoms.

Is Caidr free?

Caidr is free! We at Clinova aim to provide the best free healthcare advice to both patients and professionals.

How can I get Caidr?

Caidr is available to download from the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices). Simply search for ‘Caidr’ and look for our green app icon.

How do I use Caidr?

When opening the app, Caidr will initially ask you where the problem is, providing a short list of common symptom areas such as eye and ear.  Once an area is selected, Caidr will ask a few further questions about your symptoms. After completing these, you will then be provided with further information about your symptoms. Caidr also enables you to email a PDF of your assessment, be this to your doctor/pharmacist, your workplace or a family member!

What information is stored about me?

Caidr does not store any information about you.

My ailment is not covered by Caidr. Can I provide feedback?

Yes! Caidr is striving to provide the best healthcare information, so feedback from users is imperative for us to improve and evolve our service. If you cannot find your symptoms, or have any suggestions on how we can improve our app, then please get in touch!

Email: info@caidr.co.uk