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When you are worried that you may have a sexually transmitted infection or disease you want answers fast. Better2Know is the UK's largest private provider of sexual health testing services.

We provide a fast and dedicated service to test, treat and help you learn about any infection that you might have.

  • Instant Results available at selected locations near you

  • Same or next-day appointments at a sexual health clinic near you.

  • Home Testing available for your added convenience.

  • All tests performed in CPA Accredited Laboratories.

  • 100% confidentiality between you and Better2Know.

YorkTest Laboratories

Ever had a gut instinct you’re intolerant to a food or drink ingredient? Maybe your gut is trying to tell you something.

Taking a YorkTest food intolerance testing programme offers a fast-track solution to identifying your food triggers. Perhaps cow’s milk is bloating your stomach, or coffee is giving you a migraine. Maybe an unsuspecting food ingredient like chilli, lentils or bell peppers are causing you digestive distress. 

We have won many accolades over the years for the outstanding service that we offer to our customers. We’re proud of the difference we have made to people’s health and the research we have carried out along the way. That’s why we have been chosen by over 50% of the UK market.